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Permit Tips In Jim Corbett

There is more to Ramnagar city than the world famous Jim Corbett national park. Though Corbett tiger reserve (CTR) is the biggest draw to this small city of Uttarakhand state, the other attractions in and around Ramnagar make the trip to Corbett a complete one. Apart from the different safari zones, other Places to See in Corbett include:

Garjia Devi Temple

One of the most famous temples of Ramnagar, the Garjia Devi temple is situated in the mid of Kosi river. Located a mere 14 km from Ramnagar in Garjia village, it is a Shakti shrine where a huge rock lodges the home of goddess Garjia. Devotees can reach the temple using several flights of stairs. An annual fair is held here on Kartik Poornima which attracts lots of visitors. The scenic beauty of the surrounding forest, flowing Kosi River and the serene atmosphere is unparalleled.

Ramganga Dam

Also known as the Kalagarh dam, it is a dam on the Ramganga River, situated 3 km upstream of Kalagarh in Pauri Garhwal district. The river bed of Ramganga offers a wonderful place to walk while reminiscing about wonderful memories and making new ones. Apart from the natural beauty of the place, it also serves hydroelectric purposes. The river is one of the primary perennial water sources of the CTR apart from being home to many varieties of aquatic animals including ghariyal, mahaseer fish, otters, turtles, mugger crocodile etc. Avid birdwatchers can find many elusive birds like fish-eagles, terns, storks, kingfisher etc. in the vicinity.

Corbett Falls

Calm green surroundings being broken by the sound of water dropping on rocks is a vision for the eyes. Located 25 km from Ramnagar in a forest of teak wood is the Corbett Falls where water drops from a height of 60 feet to provide a breath-taking view. A must visit place for nature lovers, the waterfall, and surrounding area has been developed into a picnic spot which is accessible by foot or by car. Despite an entry fee, the spot is quite popular amongst both locals as well as tourists. It is one of the most famous Places to See in Corbett.

Dhangarhi Museum

Providing essential information about the flora and fauna of Jim Corbett national park, the Dhangarhi museum is located around 20 km from Ramnagar. Informing the tourists about the past of man-eating tigers in the region, it houses carcasses of animals like tigers, deer, leopard etc. You can know about the past stories of tigers, the topography of CTR as well as about the various birds flocking the region. A souvenir shop offers handicrafts, the literature on the wildlife of the region as well as memorabilia like T-shirts and caps for the tourists to remind them of their visit to Corbett.

Jim Corbett Museum

The famous hunter and naturalist, Jim Corbett's home have been converted into the Jim Corbett museum. Located in the Kaladhungi town of Nainital district, the museum treasures the personal belonging of Mr. Corbett like his gun, rare photographs, fishing net, personal communication letters between Corbett and his well-wishers as well as antiques. You can buy handmade articles with Bengal tiger figure as fond memories of the place.

Kosi River

Forming the eastern boundary of CTR, the Kosi River is famous for fishing and angling. From October till mid-December and from mid-February to June end many enthusiastic visitors can be seen catching mahaseer fish. Fishing permits can be obtained through the various resorts and lodges located in and around the Kosi river area. The river flows through some amazing backdrop of mountains and forest providing a perfect location to relax and even nature photo-shoot.

Sitabani Temple

The ancient temple is devoted to Goddess Sita and it is said that she gave birth to Luv and Kush here. According to folklore, the Sitabani temple is located at the place where Goddess Sita entered into mother earth. The temple located at a distance of 20 km from Ramnagar, hosts a fair on Ramnavami every year. Situated inside a dense forest in the buffer zone of CTR, the place offers a peaceful and divine experience. Contrary to the prevalent Ram durbar image, in the Sitabani temple, Sita is flanked by Ram and Lakshman on both sides!

Camp Kyari

Located in the foothills of Nainital, Camp Kyari is a resort that truly believes in eco-tourism. You can get a feel of a typical Himalayan village when you stay here - harvest vegetables, try plowing the fields with bullocks or sleep in a tent or mud house. You can also indulge in other activities like trekking, mountain biking, bird watching, cave explorations, river crossing and wildlife safaris. With the limited network, you can actually relax amidst the beautiful natural surroundings and have a technology-free rejuvenating vacation.

Ramnagar City

The town which is a gateway to the Corbett national park has more things than just that for tourists. It also serves as an access point to Kumaon and Chamoli districts of Uttarakhand. Though British developed tea gardens here, the town is now more famous for Litchi farming. You can see various orchards full of the delicious red juicy fruit while staying there. There are many mango orchards too in full bloom during the summer season.

Sunrise Point

It is the highest peak in the park that offers a panoramic view of the Kosi and Ramganga rivers along with that of nearby villages. Get a feel of the British era by the various architectural buildings like the old bungalow near the park etc.


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