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Best Time To Visit In Corbett

Best Time Visit In Jim Corbett

Located in the hilly terrain of Uttarakhand, makes the weather pleasant almost all around the year. The national park is open for visitors throughout the year with a few exceptions. The best time to visit however is from mid-November to mid of June. During the monsoons, heavy rains force most zones to close down due to bad roads. The different zones can be visited during different times of the year:

The Perfect Season to Visit Jim Corbett

Full of natural beauty, there is something that the Corbett tiger reserve offers for its visitors no matter what the season.

Winters (October February): With a slight nip in the weather you can enjoy the afternoon safari too. The lush greenery of the wild is enticing and you can easily spot many animals and birds during your safari. It is undoubtedly one of the best time to visit the national park. With the maximum temperature hovering between 25-300C and night temperature coming down to as low as 5-100C, you are assured of a pleasant time and possibly more chances of tiger sighting.

Summer (March June): The scorching heat with temperatures going up to 400C can be a deterrent to your plan of visiting Corbett. However, the heat also causes the animals to come out to watering holes thus increasing your chance of sighting the endangered animals. If you can bear the high temperatures, afternoon safari during summers can be fruitful for you.

Monsoon (July September): This is definitely not one of the best time to visit the national park as most of the zones are closed due to heavy rains. Though the weather is amazing, there is a risk of landslides and soil erosion in the area. You can still enjoy the flora and fauna of the park in the Dhela and Sitabani zones with trekking on foot available in latter. The monsoons are the mating time of animals. You can avail the off-season discount and if you are lucky, you might spot the tigers.


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