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Forest Lodges In Jim Corbett

Forest Lodges In Jim Corbett

Corbett Forest Lodges

Whether you are a hardcore romantic or a wanderer or a nature lover, night stay in the jungle is something that most of us wish to do sometime in our life. National parks which offer permits for a night stay in the forest rest houses (FRH) are the answer to all such prayers. You can experience the best of nature and wildlife when you stay at one of the forest lodges in Jim Corbett. Though there are 5 zones in the national park, night stay boarding and lodging facilities are provided in only 3, namely, Dhikala, Bijrani, and Jhirna. Providing the tourists with basic amenities, these FRH offer a chance for people to breathe in nature and let it heal the mind with the all-encompassing beauty of the forest.

Forest Lodges in Dhikala Zone

Dhikala is the largest and most popular zone of Corbett tiger reserve. It is therefore natural that it has the maximum number of Forest Lodges in Jim Corbett. The zone boasts of as good as 5 forest lodges, the best and most spacious being the Dhikala forest lodge.

  • Dhikala Forest Lodge - Located 30 km from the Dhangarhi entry gate, it is the most preferred FRH amongst all in the Dhikala zone. This can be attributed to the fact that it has 32 rooms apart from 2 dormitories, offering maximum accommodation amongst all forest lodges in Jim Corbett. Apart from this, the lodge managed by forest department is the only one that provides electricity inside the campus.
  • Garial Forest Lodge - It is the 2nd most preferred FRH in the Dhikala zone after the Dhikala forest lodge. Offering a stunning view of the Ramganga river banks, it is easily accessible through the Dhangarhi-Dhikala road. Close to the 1st entrance gate of the national park, the lodge has 6 rooms available for the tourists.
  • Sarapduli Forest Lodge - Located on the Dhangarhi-Dhikala road, this lodge is located on the southern bank of Ramgangariver, downstream from Gairal. It has 2 rooms and a dormitory with 3 beds. The rest house provides limited facilities in terms of food and beverages but is a perfect spot to see different varieties of birds.
  • Sultan Rest House - The oldest of the forest lodges in Jim Corbett, it is named after Sultan, a seasonal stream flowing through the area. It is the first FRH found on the Dhangarhi-Dhikala road, located 10 km from the Dhangarhi road. Nestled deep into the lush green forests, it offers 2 rooms for the accommodation of tourists.
  • Khinnanauli Rest House - Offering 4 rooms to tourists staying inside the Dhikala zone, this lodge lies in the middle of the Khinnanauli grassland. Equipped with all basic amenities, it is one of the latest built lodges. It is preferred by tourists as it lies in known tiger territory and offers easy routes to different parts of the park.

Forest Lodges in Bijrani Zone

Once a preferred hunting ground of the royals, Bijrani is a popular zone in Corbett tiger reserve. Apart from elephant safari, this zone offers a perfect view of the natural flora and fauna of the area apart from the sighting of a sloth bear. Wildlife enthusiasts can stay in the Malani rest house within the zone. The rest house, having 4 rooms is located 12 km within the zone which itself is 5 km inside from the Aamdanda gate.

Forest Lodges in Jhirna Zone

The latest entrant to the tiger reserve was once a village. Exotic wildlife can be observed in this zone which until 1994 was an agriculture village. Jhirnazone is well known for bird watching and is open throughout the year for visitors. The Jhirna rest house located on the Ramnagar-Kalagarh road has 4 rooms for tourists.

Amenities provided at Forest Lodges in Jim Corbett

Stay inside the forest is not for people who are accustomed to luxuries. However, a wildlife enthusiast who visits Corbett tiger reserve to get the feel of the jungle can have a comfortable stay at one of the many forest Lodges in Jim Corbett. The facilities available at various rest houses situated in different zones include:

  • Comfortable and basic rooms devoid of AC or TV.
  • Attached bathroom with western fittings.
  • Facility for hot and cold water in the bathroom.
  • Canteen/kitchen to provide a home-cooked meal (except in a few FRH)
  • Solar light for 2 hours in most lodges. Dhikala forest lodge is the only one where electricity is available.
  • Safety ensured with a solar powered fence to keep wild animals away.

Accommodation and Formalities at Forest Lodges in Jim Corbett

Though there are as many as 7 forest Lodges in Jim Corbett, there is not enough accommodation for all the wildlife tourists thronging to one of the best tiger reserves in the world. For a once in a lifetime experience of staying in the wild, tourists need to book their night stay in different zones online through the official site (www.jimcorbettsafaribooking.com). The charges for a night stay in either of the forest Lodges in Jim Corbett are INR 6500/ person for Indian nationals and INR 8500/person for foreigners. These charges include night stay charges, permits, jeep safari charges (including guide fee, food) and other service charges.

The booking for a night stay at forest Lodges in Jim Corbett should be done by Indian and foreign nationals, at least 45 and 90 days prior to their visit respectively. ID proof is mandatory while booking as well as on person while visiting the national park. For foreign nationals, a passport is compulsory, for Indian nationals DL number, PAN card, voter ID or passport can be used. Charges on cancellation of confirmed booking are non-refundable.


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