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Flora In Jim Corbett

Flora In Jim Corbett

The beautiful tiger reserve of Corbett displays a wide variation of the color green. Nature has bestowed all shades of the color in these forests. The immense green cover ensures that the forest remains abode to some of the most beautiful, rare and endangered animals and birds. Providing them with food, shelter, and home are large varieties of trees and shrubs. One can find more than 100 species of trees, 50 species of shrubs, and a large variety of climbers, bamboos, ferns, herbs, and grasses. Here's a list of the various Flora in Corbett.


The most dominant species of trees in the forest of Jim Corbett is Sal (Shorea robusta) which incidentally covers 75% of the area, thus lending it the required green cover. Other important trees that are found in the forest include:

  • Khair (Senegalia catechu)
  • Sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo)
  • Haldu (Adina cordifolia)
  • Chir pine
  • Banj oak
  • Peepal (Ficusreligiosa)
  • Rohini (Mallotusphilippensis)
  • Mango (Mangiferaindica)
  • Jamun (Syzygiumcumini)
  • Bel
  • Date palm
  • Wallichiadensiflora
  • Kusum
  • Mahua
  • Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica)
  • Kanju (Holopteleaintegrifolia)
  • Shoebuttonardisia (Ardisiasolanacea)

Apart from these, there are many flowering trees that make the green forestland dotted with beautiful colors. Most commonly found flowering plants in Corbett are -

  • Semal (Bombax ceiba) with big red flowers
  • Dhak or flame-of-the-forest (Buteamonosperma)
  • Kachnar (Bauhinia variegata)
  • Indian coral (Erythriniaindica)
  • Amaltas (Cassia fistula)

There are some trees that are not native to the area but have been planted in and around the habitation (forest rest house) area of the park. These include Teak (Tectona Grandis), Eucalyptus, Jacaranda, Silver Oak, and Bottlebrush.


The entire floor of the forest is covered by shrubs that lend it a carpet of green. Apart from the numerous bamboo trees, the different varieties of shrubs found in Corbett tiger reserve are:

  • Ber (Ziziphus)
  • MarorPhali (Helicteresisora)
  • Jhau (Tamarixdioica)
  • Karaunda(Carissa carandas)
  • Hisar (Rubusellipticus)
  • Indian squirrel tail (Colebrookeaoppositifolia)
  • Malabar nut (Adhatodavasica)


Corbett is also known for the wonderful grassland. There are close to 70 species of grasses registered in the national park includingKansi, Themedaarundinacea, Baib or Bhabar, Narkul, Tiger grass, Khuskhus, Spear grass, Cymbopogonflexuosus, Aristidacyanantha, Neyraudiaarundinacea.

Apart from these, there are many herbs like Indigoferaliniofolia, Clover, Solanum sp., Bhilmora etc.; woody climbers like Bauhinia vahlii, Milletiaauriculata, Poranapaniculata, etc., mosses, lichens, orchids, ferns, and fungi. The Flora in Corbett provides a great home to wild animals and make the experience to Corbett a wonderful one.


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